I am endlessly in awe of the unconditional love that can only come from family. Ceaseless, enduring, and often surprising, it is the fuel to my creative fire. When I’m not behind the lens I am deeply at peace with my wonderful family, every day inspired by the love and grace we share with three amazing kids. Explorers and artists alike, we share an equal passion for the journey and the comfort of coming home. In this spirit, I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to work surrounded by loving families year after year.  Each experience a creative and soulful renewal. Every family a new and lasting connection. 

Family over everything

Classically trained, honing an editorial eye between a darkroom in college and then in the fashion circles of London, I am in constant pursuit of the spontaneous, unexpected moments that tell a story in its truest sense. A firm believer that there is art in every movement and gesture just waiting to be captured, I rely on instinct and emotional awareness to guide my lens. Never contrived, we’ll find the best light together. For over a decade, this has been my craft and my calling. Together, we’ll build a connection that helps us discover and capture pure beauty, unbridled joy, and unmistakable devotion. 

A journalist’s eye. An artist’s heart.

Your day is going to be busy from beginning to end. My goal is to be a calming presence. A trusted friend behind the lens that is encouraging and supportive, not loud and intrusive. Someone that makes you feel comfortable and gives you time to breathe when we’re together. A listener. A guiding presence that allows you to be exactly who you are. And one that floats quietly unnoticed when we’re not.

A calming presence and an encouraging voice

I can’t help smiling ear to ear when I’m behind the lens. It's easy to be swept away when you’re surrounded by so much love and excitement. My heart starts racing. I feel alive. And that feeling carries throughout the entire process, long after the last sparkler fades and your car pulls away. Editing brings me right back to the moment. Each surprising turn and candid moment is uncovered. The lasting connection I feel to you and your family. It feels effortless and invigorating every time. This is why I do this.

A legacy unfolding A pursuit that doesn’t feel relentless. 

Based on the East Coast – Traveling Worldwide