I am a mom to two darling girls and a wife to the best man I know. We left city living last year and moved up to the Blue Ridge Mountains where we are living a simple life immersed in nature.

I love to shop at markets and locally, swim in rivers and drink whiskey around a fire, push my girls on our wooden tree swing, travel as much as possible and then bask in the feeling of coming home. I love cooking whole meals with my family, napping in our hammocks, movie nights on our living room floor, snowboard dates in the winter and camping dates in the summer. I love being married to my husband and most importantly I love being a mom to my girls. Every single time one of them says “I love you.” I am reminded how important and special my life truly is.

I also love photography. I love freezing time and knowing that your children and grandchildren will look at these images one day. I want to capture your day as organically and honestly as I can while staying true to you. My approach to photography is emotional, artful and honest. Every detail about your story is beautiful and worth capturing.